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The Plumber For The People!

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Serving Greater Las Vegas for over 25 years!

The Plumber for the People!

Our years of experience and service has gained trust in the communities we serve. We’ve learned that customer service with quality and trustworthy work are the factors to our success. 

Our skilled and trained technicians and plumbing team are unmatched in their level of expertise, response time, and trouble-shooting to provide the best service for our customers and their plumbing needs. 

Our team of experts can diagnose and find the solution for any residential or commercial plumbing needs. Specializing in a wide range of plumbing services from drain cleaning to main line replacement, you can trust Great Plumbing Service to take care of all of your plumbing needs. 

We are the plumbing family you can trust!

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Water Heater
Grease Trap

Drain Cleaning

Water Heater

Grease Traps

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Faucets, Sinks, Etc.


Sewer Lines

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Water Line
Bathroom Remodel

Water Leaks

Water Lines

Bathroom Remodel

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Kitchen Remodel

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Great Plumbing Service

The Plumber for the People!

3432 N. Bruce St.

Suite 10

N. Las Vegas, NV 89030

What you can expect from Great Plumbing Service:


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